Nexus Soccer League is designed for adult soccer, and it’s structed in a way that elevate competition, along with having fun. This is a point system league lasting 8-10 weeks long. Nexus Soccer games will be streaming live on social media (Instagram and Facebook) and any photos we capture will also be shared via the same media outlets. Due to unforeseen circumstances, such as weather, there may be rescheduling to complete the season.


  • 7 vs 7 including goalkeepers.
  • Unlimited subs.
  • Only sub when the ball is out; must alert the ref
  • Min of 5 players and max of 13 players per game.
  • 25 min halve with a 5 min break.
  • No offside.
  • Goalkeepers; no punts (drop kicks), just goal kicks or throws.
  • 5 yards away from free kicks
  • No throw-in, only kick ins (Covid-19).
  • In playoffs, no extra time: Penalties
  • Can field Male or Female, no restrictions


  • Zero tolerance of any form violence.
  • Players can slide to prevent shots or intercept a pass.
  • If deemed a slide tackle by referee, it’s considered a foul.
  • A referee’s decision is final, as maintaining the safety of players is top priority while respecting the player’s competitive edge to win.
  • Dissent will not be tolerated
  • No metal studs.
  • Shin pads are required
  • No short socks; socks must cover shin pads
  • Minimum age is 17 yrs old

Team Conduct

Nexus Soccer League is zero tolerance to any form of violence and abuse. In the Spring/Summer League; a yellow card results in one game suspension plus $10 fine, a red card equals 3 games suspension plus $50 fine. While serving a suspension, a player must pay their fine before returning to play. A team with more than 3 red cards is suspended from the league for one season; taking in consideration if 5 or more players from the same team attempt to register together. Pay all fines by e-transfer to: